New Book by Miranda Forrest

A Guide to Hew Lorimer, the MoD Range and Our Lady of the Isles.’

Author, Miranda Forrest , Published on South Uist. Printed in Fort William.

This compact guide book has; 125 images, 35,000 words, 100 pages.

In August 1958 the largest religious statue within human memory in this country was erected on Ruabhal hill, South Uist. This book examines the circumstances that culminated in such a remarkable event on a relatively small and remote island in the Outer Hebrides. It investigates: why there is the control centre of a guided-weapons range at the top of the hill behind the Madonna and Child; who commissioned the statue and why; it appraises the designer and his working methods; and describes how the logistics of carving, transporting and cost of so large a piece were all managed.

Miranda Forrest is a ceramicist with a love and appreciation of high skill art and craft and the people who make it. She has lived and worked on South Uist since 1999.

Book available to buy online from Uist Gifts

Also at Uist Craft Producers Shop Kildonan.

2021 news further to AGM

Further to the 2021 AGM the committee consists:-

Chair: Vanessa Langley, continuing

Vice-chair: Miranda Forrest, continuing

Treasurer: Yvonne Benting, elected

Secretary: Currently the role is to be shared between Miranda Forrest and Yvonne Benting

Committee: Ani George, Lynne MacMiIllan, Amanda MacMiIllan, Deborah MacVicar

Minutes to be circulated to members shortly. Please address any queries to

Miranda Forrest – glazes book

Local potter and long-time UCP member Miranda Forrest published a book during last year: Natural Glazes: Collecting and making

Details: Making your own glazes is a fascinating and rewarding process, even more so when making them from collected ingredients. With little equipment and following a few basic principles, it is possible to harvest glaze ingredients from your local environment, such as clay, subsoil, plants and seashells, to achieve beautiful results in the kiln.

Whether you wish to make an entire glaze using collected materials, or just want to use them as additions to existing base recipes, Miranda Forrest explains how to source and prepare natural ingredients, from degraded rocks to seaweed, as well as giving step-by-step instructions for mixing a glaze, testing samples, and finally applying glazes and firing your work. Contributions from contemporary ceramicists who use natural glaze ingredients give a detailed insight into their working methods and intriguing results.

Encouraging experimentation and a creative approach, Natural Glazes is a vital resource for anyone wishing to work in a more natural, sustainable way to develop their unique glaze effects.